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Welcome to Alcester Racing 7's Equipe - "we are willing to work for money". Or gifts...

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News (September 2015)

Singapore F1 GP Trip Gallery and Summer Sailing 2015 Gallery

_MG_1056.jpg (677758 bytes)    P6141227.jpg (291537 bytes)

News (December 2014)

Cape Town gallery - including Huey combat helicopter flight!

PC200520.jpg (526622 bytes)


News (Still August!)

Two updates in... ...a year! Wow!

Miscellaneous photos we found when clearing memory cards...

P7060138.jpg (137218 bytes)

News (August 2013)

SCAAFY bring Up Doune to Mallaig whereupon Beaver7 cruise around the Western Isles for a fortnight.


P7200287.jpg (326454 bytes) P7220435.jpg (358681 bytes)

News (August 2012)

Beaver7 Crew sail from Oban to Rhu

_1020626.jpg (228771 bytes)

News (July 2012)

Beaver7 Tour of France and Classic Le Mans

_1020537.jpg (249137 bytes)

News (??? 2012)

Mr Fox takes the boys sailing...

_1020373.jpg (189892 bytes)

News (September 2011)

Sound of Se7ens tour of Austria

_MG_9396.jpg (142291 bytes)

News (May 23rd 2011)


_1020152.jpg (327222 bytes)

News (December 21st 2010)

Couple of pics from this mornings lunar eclipse - before the cloud came across. Taken at approximately 7AM in Edinburgh. Nowhere near Alcester.

Untitled HDR 00.jpg (642963 bytes)Untitled HDR 01.jpg (678362 bytes)

More pictures of the moon can be found on the moon page. Go figure!


News (May 23rd 2010)

The Ne7ers FBB 2010 tour of NW Scottingland comes to an end.

_MG_9936.jpg (207960 bytes)

News (May 9th 2010)

Our third consecutive Fred Whitton Challenge. 112 miles through the Lake District - hitting one of the claimants to the title of 'Britain's steepest road' - the 1:3, mile-long Hardknott Pass at around the 100-mile mark...

This time, mechanical issues soon after the start conspired to ruin any chances of beating last-years 7hrs 46 personal-best. The 8-hour target was also seriously in doubt.

Having lost around 30 minutes on the road, the Swine Flew pig nosed over the line in... wait for it.... 33 seconds under the 8 hours! And we thought the 7hrs 57mins in 2008 was a squeeker!

Fred2010 resized (1 of 3).jpg (352484 bytes)Fred2010 resized (3 of 3).jpg (241215 bytes)Fred2010 resized (2 of 3).jpg (322475 bytes)


News (April 11th 2010)

Another few Westfield Rig Shots

_MG_9883.jpg (289817 bytes)_MG_9865.jpg (267565 bytes)_MG_9906.jpg (270560 bytes)

News (March 28th 2010)

Pics of the Mighty Deerstalker are available below.

100321093221_H.jpg (353356 bytes)100321005138_H.jpg (401617 bytes)100321034130_H.jpg (264328 bytes)

We've also had our first attempt at car-based rig-shots following last-weeks first go with a bicycle.

_MG_9792.jpg (187061 bytes)

_1000513-Edit.jpg (450017 bytes)


News (March 21st 2010)

Wow! AR7E Adventure Racing division (aka Team 'Knot Sure') pulled a fantastic result out of the bag at The Mighty Deerstalker '10k' (actually 13k+ through rivers, bogs, fields, forests - you name it). Our man with the Swine Flew pig mascot managed a (provisional results at time of press) 163rd out of 1221 finishers with a time of 1hr 46 mins 34 seconds. That's an hour longer than it takes him to run the same distance on the road - that should give you an idea of how tough it was! Pics to follow when the official snappers publish them.

In the meantime, *our* snappers have been playing with some new 'rig shot' kit - first on a bicycle, but coming soon to a Westfield 7 sometime soon. We're still messing around, but some early shots can be found here:

_MG_9721.jpg (176465 bytes)

News (March 14th 2010)

Gee! Don't time fly!

There's still plenty of salt down on the roads in Scottingland, so we've been concentrating on MTB Orienteering (aka "Trailquest" up here) and playing with various cameras.

Some pics from our neat little Panasonic Lumix GF-1 micro four-thirds carry-everywhere camera are accessible through this link here:

News (January 31st 2010)

A new bike joins the AR7E Knot Sure adventure-racing stable - a Genesis i0 singlespeed MTB. 

_1000409.jpg (280946 bytes)

And here's the moon (again)

_MG_9703-Edit-Edit.jpg (535845 bytes)

News (January 3rd 2010)

The rebuild of the AR7E Caterham kicks off following the cambelt failure of last year - many thanks to the NI Se7ens for their time and efforts to date.

IMG_9804.jpg (297174 bytes)

In other news, AR7E adventure racers celebrated the New Year in style. Of a sort...

_1000326.jpg (219146 bytes)

News (December 4th 2009)

AR7E convert their carbon-fibre fixed-gear Planet X Stealth road bike to disc-brake (singular) for the winter months...

_MG_9598.jpg (313891 bytes)

News (November 28th 2009)

AR7E help with another k-series engine-out.

_MG_9565.jpg (346254 bytes)


News (October 25th 2009)

A couple of snatched photos of the start of the Jedburgh Half-marathon & 10k race. The race started approximately two-minutes earlier than scheduled, caught our photographer off-guard and he missed his intended quarry as a result. Damn!

_MG_9550.jpg (354156 bytes)

News (October 18th 2009)

Another adventure-race - this time Team Knot Sure (aka AR7E) entered the Men's Health Edinburgh Survival of the Fittest 10k adventure-race - a hilly course with a physical challenge every kilometer. The shot below was at the finish immediately after having scaled the Wall of Fame (!). Note that our Swine Flew mascot is alive and well...

091019210953_H.jpg (264484 bytes)

News (September 27th 2009)

A trip to the Doune Hillclimb to play with the tilt-shift lenses.

_RSL8983.jpg (157864 bytes)


News (September 27th 2009)

The AR7E stable all in one place - Westie meets Project Scope Creep on the Tour in Toon tour of the Scottish Borders.

_MG_9125.jpg (304225 bytes)_MG_9133.jpg (412697 bytes)

News (September 14th 2009)

After speaking to the ever-helpful Autocom support team, we've now managed to get the new intercom working properly instead of triggering randomly on wind-noise. The solution appears to have been to adjust one of the volume pre-sets - the instructions didn't make it clear that this setting affects not only the volume pumped into the headsets as ambient (wind) noise increases, but also the vox trigger level.

The call to Autocom did validate some of the precautions we took when building the new headsets though. More details here.

_MG_9074.jpg (182488 bytes)

News (September 12th 2009)

Preparation for the next Tour7 production is well underway. We've fitted a new Autocom intercom and plumbed in both a new Garmin Nuvi 765T satnav as well as an iPod. The Vertex Standard PMR446 radio is also supported.

In addition to this kit, we've also fitted another of our favourite Trailtech Vapor digidashes - many thanks to Roy Kerr for his continued support.

To keep things organised, all future Westie Megabird updates will be linked through this page here.

_MG_9068.jpg (187231 bytes)


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Alcester Racing 7's Equipe (incorporating ARST - Alcester Racing Sevens Team) is a private organisation dedicated to the preparation and improvement of Caterham Sevens.  

The AR7E team are members of the Lotus 7 Club of Great Britain (L7CoGB Lotus 7 Club and recommend BlatChat as an antidote to work.

Our president says: "All gifts and offers of work gratefully received. Conditions may apply"

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